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Healthy Habits of Happy Women:

Keep your mind actively engaged. Do things that make you happy even if it is sorting out elderly photographs, or cleaning up clutter

Always be an optimist & think positive. Being an optimist is actually a learned skill. You will find pessimists complaining while optimists concentrate on solving their issues

Never say you will 'try' to do something ' that is being a pessimist. Speak about doing it. Assume, as all optimists do, that you will certainly succeed

Learn to stand tall & walk tall ' no slouching! That will mark you as a happy person as it is only the unhappy who tend to slouch

Always keep smiling. A smirk will give you an instant lift & give automatic signals to your brain that you are happy

Keep in mind that a state of happiness will boost serotonin levels. It even pays to pretend that you are happy as the positive thoughts thus generated will convey to your brain that you are happy & contented.Be in control of your time & therefore your life. This is a characteristic of all happy people. Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing, prioritise them & find time to do at least one thing that you enjoy most every day without any interruptions

Throw out all negative thoughts. Detox your thoughts. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Negative thinking will cause changes in the brain that will lead to depression

Simple pleasures can give rise to immense happiness. You don't must go on a cruise or a trip six times a year to experience true happiness. Even little things like relaxing to favourite music or reading your favourite author's book can give you the same, if not more pleasure

Keep positive thinking friends around you. Avoid those who constantly complain or those who constantly criticize you. Their toxicity will suck out your happiness

Working out regularly will give you a actual high as it releases the feel nice endorphins & promotes nice health. Incidentally, aerobics are as well as a proven antidote for mild depression & anxiety

Learn to appreciate & nurture close relationships. Individuals who do so can cope better with setbacks like ill health, bereavement or loss of job. Married couples score because of their higher levels of contentment because of their togetherness as compared to singles or the divorced.Opt for volunteer work. It is a productive activity that can become a source of happiness

Get your 8 hours of sleep. A sleep debt will only cause fatigue & depression or gloom. Never be sleep deprived

Faith, they say, can move mountains. Research has shown that actively religious people are happier & better able to cope with any crisis. Perhaps it is the emotional support from the community, but it does give you a chance to focus on something beyond self

Adopt relaxation techniques like meditation to combat the modern scourge of stress. Reserve some quiet time for yourself alone every day

Always take a long term view of things. Nothing like time to heal even the worst of tragedies. Your natural capacity for happiness & joy will reassert itself ultimately

Laugh as much as feasible. Laughter causes elation & you automatically take in a lot more oxygen than while speaking. Incidentally, when you laugh, your blood pressure gets lowered & your muscle tension eases. It is a therapeutic natural pain killer !


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